Repository Version attribute for Business Rules

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USoft TeamWork has a number of objects with a Repository Version attribute, of which Business Rules, Business Processes and Notes are the most important. It is recommended that you make use of USoft TeamWork's automatic version labeling mechanism.

Activate this mechanism by defining one or more system version numbers (Repository Versions object) and then selecting one of these versions as the Current Version. As a result, each time you make a new Business Rule or Note, it is automatically stamped with the current version number.

You can manually change version number stamps to a different (typically, a higher) Repository Version number as required.

For Business Rules and Business Processes, use the Repository Version attribute to indicate in which version release you plan to (re-)implement a Business Rule or Business Process Step.

In Notes, use the Repository Version attribute to indicate what are the Open Assignments that need to be tackled before a version can be released.