Requires Implementation Y/N attribute for Business Rules

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By default the Requires Implementation flag (Y/N) for Business Rules is set to Yes. This means that the rule calls for some form of implementation work in or outside the USoft application.

You can set this flag to No for rules that do not require any implementation work. In subsequent queries of the type "tasks yet to complete", you can then exclude these rules from the result set.

For Business Rules that have Implementations, Requires Implementation must be set to Yes.

Business Rules cannot have Requires Implementation set to No, and Built set to Yes.

Typical examples of rules for which Requires Implementation = No include: definitions of technical terms (e.g. rules with Classification = 'DEFINITION'); rules that express exclusions i.e. things that the system is NOT required to do (e.g. rules with Classification = 'EXCLUSION'); and rules that are enforced outside the system (e.g. rules with Type = Instruction).