Rules Service Properties

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To let a client Java application connect via the JDBC protocol to a Rules Engine server, a Rules Service has to be started. This requires a Windows or a Unix operating system.

For more information about JDBC Rules Engine Connectivity, refer to the USoft Definer Guide or the USoft Definer Help.

To add a Rules Service item to your Binder project, choose Item, New from the Binder menu, and choose 'Rules Service'. It then open the Properties sheet of this item and check whether the default settings are appropriate for your application. If these settings are not appropriate, change them.

A Rules Service item in USoft Binder has the following properties and options:


collapseService Name
collapsePort nr.
collapseStart service at boot time
collapseUse TLS
collapseImport Configuration Data Port Nr
collapsePeer Rules Service
collapseAdd (Controlling Hosts)
collapseRemove (Controlling Hosts)
collapseLocal database service?