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Passes a script of one or more SQL statements for execution by the Rules Engine.


SqlScript( { sql-command-setting sql-statement; 

           ... )


sql-command-setting  :=  SET setting-name setting-value



A script is a sequence of commands made up of :

Optional sql-command-settings, which are not followed by a separator symbol,

One or more sql-statements, each followed by a semicolon (;), or whatever other separator symbol has been set (see the 'separator' setting). If there is a single sql-statement, the separator symbol is optional.

For a list of sql-command-settings, go to SQL command settings.

Each sql-statement is an INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, INVOKE, or SELECT statement.




  SET quitZeroRows False

  SET quitOnError True


  INVOKE RulesEngine.MessageLanguage


  SELECT ...;


  SELECT Usxsl.Apply2File(





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