Support for Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)

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Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) is a component-based transaction processing system for building, deploying, and administering Internet and Intranet server applications. The MTS programming model provides a transaction coordination framework for developing components that encapsulate business logic. In Windows XP, MTS and Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) are unified in COM+.

USoft applications can be integrated with the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) architecture to support distributed transactions. A USoft application and MTS components can be involved in distributed, 'global' transactions. One of the main advantages is that these distributed transactions benefit from the two-phase commit protocol.


To be able to integrate USoft Developer with MTS, you need:

MTS version 2.0

MS SQL Server version 7.0 or Oracle version 7.3.4 or higher

Microsoft ODBC Manager version 3.51.

For more information about MTS, including the exact database requirements, please refer to the Microsoft Transaction Server Reference supplied with MTS.

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