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A table is a physical storage structure for business data about instances of the same type. It stores data that are typical of that type.

For example, data such as Name, Customer ID, User Account Name, Address could be typical of customers. A CUSTOMER table could be used to store this customer data. The table could store all of these things for each customer.

Each table must have a unique name. A table storing customer data could be called CUSTOMER. A table storing product data could be called PRODUCT. A table name is spelled all-uppercaps with underscores (rather than spaces or hyphens) as separators, as in POINT_OF_SALE.

In addition to the table name, each table is also identified by an Abbreviation, an Object Name, and an Object Name Plural. The Object Name Plural (for example, "Customers" or "Points of Sale") is used to identify the table in UIs and in exported XML.

On the basis of Domain, Table and Column definitions, USoft Definer generates database tables automatically. On the whole, each USoft table corresponds 1:1 to a database table.

If your application uses USoft-generated UIs, USoft Definer will automatically generate a web page, tab page, or window for each table that you define. This page or window is a form through which you can enter data that are stored in the table. The fields in the form correspond to columns.


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