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Executes a SQL statement passed as a string and checks that the record(s) to be retrieved or manipulated are present.

NOTE: This method may NOT be called from a constraint.

Returns error message "Record changed by another user" is the record(s) to be retrieved or manipulated are not present.

Otherwise, returns a single row with a single column containing a number equal to 1 or greater than 1. This is the number of rows retrieved or manipulated.

The RulesEngine.ExecuteStatement method is very similar. The only difference is that it does not check that the record(s) are present.


SELECT RulesEngine.MustExistExecuteStatement( 




The required statement is the SQL statement to be executed. Only a single SQL statement may be passed in any one call. It is not possible to use multiple SQL statements separated by semicolons ';'.


SELECT RulesEngine.MustExistExecuteStatement (

  'insert into tour values(''ITALY'',''TUSCANY'')'




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