Updating Supertype and Subtype Data

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Existing supertype-subtype record constellations may be updated in three ways:

Supertype values are changed.

Subtype values are changed.

New subtypes are selected for an existing supertype, or existing subtypes are de-selected.

Subtypes are selected or de-selected for an existing supertype by:

Selecting or clearing subtype indicators (check boxes).

Inserting or deleting records in windows based on the subtype table.

Indirectly, by issuing an INSERT INTO subtype or DELETE FROM subtype statement. Such a statement could be issued in a constraint.

These manipulations are treated as UPDATEs to the record constellation. Transitional constraints defined on the record constellation are evaluated if the Fire On Update flag is set.

A possible exception is adding new subtype data to an existing supertype constellation. If this new data is inserted through a window based on the subtype, or inserted indirectly through a constraint, it is handled as INSERT rather than UPDATE if the Update Supertype on Insert deployment configuration parameter in the Authorizer is set to No.