User-Defined Tables for Import Tasks

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When USoft Batch executes an import task, it creates temporary database tables for the non-driving external sets. Since no indexes or storage parameters are defined for these tables, the performance of a multi-set import task may not be very good.

However, USoft Batch supports the use of user-defined tables for non-driving external sets. A user-defined table is a database table for an external set. This table must be created in the database in advance, and can be defined, but does not have to be defined, in the Definer.

When you use this feature, USoft Batch will use the database table you specify for temporary storage of the external set, instead of creating an anonymous temporary table on the fly. In this way, you can improve performance by defining indexes and storage parameters on the table.

In order to use this feature, you must set the Use User Table checkbox (in the Import Tasks window), and enter the name of the table in the User Table field. Each table name must be unique within any one import task.

IMPORTANT: A user-defined table is used as a private temporary storage area, and cannot be used to store other data. USoft Batch begins and ends the execution of an import task by deleting all records from all user-defined tables in the task.

NOTE: When batch jobs that use user-defined tables run simultaneously, you must use the "user_table" job parameter to ensure that each job uses its own set of tables.

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