Using an External Business Process Modeling (BPM) Tool

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You can use USoft in combination with dedicated Business Process Modeling (BPM) tools. Benefits of these tools include

The ability to describe or represent a process step once and then re-use it in multiple higher-level processes; conditional branching and repeat loops for business process steps.

Graphical representation of process flow in service-oriented architectures, including conditional branching, loops, functional and temporal dependencies between processes (as depicted in "swimming lanes" diagrams).

To use this approach in USoft TeamWork:

Use USoft TeamWork as the source repository for data-oriented Business Rules, not process-oriented information.

Use the BPM tools as the source repository for process-oriented information and implementations.

Use Business Process Step records specifically to refer to information stored in your BPM tool.

In Implementations, refer to Business Rules, not to Business Process Steps.

Connect USoft implementations and BPM implementations by appending Business Rules to Business Process Steps using the Belongs To field.