Using more than one layout

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If you export a parent and one (or more) child sets, you can define different layouts for each set. For example, you could have the parent information displayed in a table, and each of the child sets as lists.

In this case, you must define a table structure in your template to hold the parent data using <TABLE> and</TABLE> commands (as shown in the fragment), and put the @template@ tag into it.

You must then define a list structure to be used for the child data (using the <UL> and </UL> commands), and place the @template@ tag in that as well.

For example, you could write the following HTML:

<ul type="circle" @template@>




You must also choose these layouts when defining the external sets. USoft Batch will then find the @template@ tags and, depending on the layout you have specified at definition time, use the different layouts for the different sets of data.

Remember that the @data@ tag defines WHERE the data will be placed in the HTML files: and that it must always come BEFORE the @template@ tags.