Using Spreadsheet Look

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When you are defining your tables and columns you can choose to work in so-called "spreadsheet look", sometimes referred to as a gridbox, in which the rows and columns are displayed in cells which can be manipulated separately.

In spreadsheet look for the Tables and Columns windows, if you want to see more or less records, simply resize the window by clicking the window's border, and dragging it to the desired size.

By clicking on a button at the top of the gridbox, the queried records are sorted on that column. Clicking again toggles between ascending and descending order.

In USoft 7.1 and higher, the text in read-only, non-updatable cells in the spreadsheet is greyed, to inform the user that changes cannot be made.

NOTE: You can use the Windows Designer to choose spreadsheet look for info boxes in your application, if required. For more information, see "How to Define Spreadsheet Look" in the Windows Designer Help.


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