Web Service Error Handling

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You can improve the default error message behavior by using customized XML error messages or USoft XML error messages (or a combination). Both types of XML error messages apply an XSL transformation to the default error message.

Customized XML error messages are defined per web service provider method, and generate a wsdl:fault element in the WSDL schema. This makes the structure of the error message available to the web service client.

The main characteristics of both types of error messages are:

Customized XML Error Messages

USoft XML Error Messages

Each method has its own XSL transformation. A default transformation is provided (userror_wsp.xsl).

Each USoft installation uses one XSL transformation, for example userror.xsl or userror_enduser.xsl

The <soap:detail> element in the soap fault message contains the transformation result. This can be XML.

The result of the transformation is a string and goes into soap:faultstring and soap:detail elements in the soap fault message.

The WSDL schema contains fault information.

The WSDL schema does NOT contain fault information

Only the error messages reported by a web service method are changed.

Changing userror.xsl or userror_enduser.xsl changes all error messages reported by the Rules Service or by the application running.

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