Web Service Example 1: RPC-Oriented Method with Simple Type Parameters

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In this step-by-step example, you define a web service provider with an RPC-oriented method that retrieves Tour details for a specified destination and tour type. The SQL statement of this method always returns zero or one record. All parameters are simple type parameters.

The Internet Information Services (IIS) web server needs to be installed, with a virtual directory. Refer to your web server documentation for details.

This example uses a local web server with name MyWebServer, and a virtual directory with name TravelService. This example consists of two parts:

Defining a TRAVELSERVICE web service provider.

Defining a TRAVELCOMPONENT web service component that calls the TRAVELSERVICE web service provider.

In this example, the TRAVELCOMPONENT web service component is defined in the same repository. Keep in mind that this is not a realistic situation: In a real-life situation, the TRAVELSERVICE provider will be called from some remote client application somewhere in the world.

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