XML Representation of Queries

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XML documents can contain query instructions with conditions for the records to be retrieved. In this case, the XML document complies with the Query By Form (QBF) definition.



    <Table Name="value">

        <Column Name="value" Condition="value"

        Order-by-seqno="value" Order-by-direction="value"/>

        <Column Name="value" Order-by-seqno="value"/>

        <Column Name="value" Condition="value"/>




Underscores are replaced by two underscores.

Table names and column names are always in uppercase.


The root element of the XML document is <Query>.

The <Table> element has a Name attribute that specifies the table to be queried. An XML document can only query data from one table.

The <Column> elements contain the query conditions. You can only query those columns for which the Query Allowed attribute has been set to Yes.

By specifying Order-by-seqno and Order-by-direction attributes, the order of the records retrieved from the database can be determined. Order-by-seqno must have a numeric value.

The columns are added to the ORDER BY clause of the query in the order of the Order-by-seqno. The Order-by-direction attribute can have value "Ascending" (default) or "Descending".



    <Table Name="PERSON">

        <Column Name="FAMILY_NAME" Condition="Jo%"/>




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