Installing and Using the PWDCredentials Table Component

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The PWDCredentials table component retrieves its data from the Authorizer. The Authorizer must therefore be started and accessible via a Rules Service. See your Definer help for more information about the Rules Service.

The PWDCredentials table component is available in the Definer as an 'Off the Shelf Component'. For more information about Table Components and J2EE Components, see your Definer documentation.

To import the PWDCredentials Component:

1.In the Definer, choose View, Objects, Off the Shelf components from the menu bar.
2.Execute a query to retrieve the PWDCredentials component.

The Off the Shelf Components window shows the name of the Java package that the component's class belongs to, the Java Archive file that contains the component's class definition, and the component name.


3. Press the Import button and commit to save the imported records. You should see a new table and a J2EE Component, both of which are called 'PWDCREDENTIALS'.

NOTE: Only commit the import if you are sure that you want the component in your repository, otherwise perform a rollback. To preview the results of an import, use "Store Record" from the Record menu instead of commit for each component marked for import.

4. From the Definer menu bar, choose Define, RDMI, J2EE Components. The J2EE Components window appears. Perform a query to retrieve the PWDCredentials component.
5.On the State tab page, modify the Constructor SQL as follows: Replace the HOST and PORT strings with the host and port number of the Rules Service that runs the Authorizer. Click the Check button, and commit. The Correct check box should now automatically be checked.

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