Component Tables

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A component table is a software construct coded in Java or .NET, but made available to USoft Definer as if it were a database table.

In a USoft solution, component tables let you perform online transactions on heterogenous data from various sources. You can define USoft rules against component tables in much the same way as against database tables.

USoft also delivers generated, paintable UIs for component tables in the same way as for standard database tables. Component tables are first-class citizens in USoft Definer: they can be used in relationships, batch jobs and object shopping.

The difference between a database table and a component table is that for a component table, the data is not stored in the database, but it is retrieved using external USoft Connector components. The Rules Engine translates the functionality of these USoft Connector components to SQL. RDMI technology is used to connect to the external USoft connector components.



collapseCreating a component table
collapseAdding a constructor to a component table
collapseAccessing component tables with SQL


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