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Associates a global alias with a parsed XSL document that is held in-memory after it is first referred to. In subsequent calls to USXSL.Apply and USXSL.Apply2File, you can refer to the XSL document by using the alias.

The point of using this method is that, if you need the same XSL document more than once, referring to its parsed version by alias may improve performance.

Returns the alias as a string. If the passed XSL document is invalid, an error is returned.


SELECT   USXSL.SetGlobalXsl(


,        xsl-document



If xsl-document is empty, the alias-document mapping is removed from the list.

When running multiple Rules Services, you can have one Rules Service use USXSL.SetGlobalXsl to map an alias to an XSL document, and a second Rules Service reference that alias. By contrast, this is not possible with mappings that were made using the USXSL.SetXsl method.

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