Troubleshooting Your BIRT Connection

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The more commonly occurring error messages when using BIRT are explained below.

Failed to invoke com.usoft.birt.Start.loadJars(argv[0])  of component method BIRT.BIRT:

The path in the BIRT component constructor is not checked for correctness when it is defined, so any path will set the constructor to correct after pressing the check button. The message above will be displayed if an incorrect path is used at runtime.

Failed to invoke rep.generateHTML( (U)argv[0], (U)argv[1],([O) array ) of component method BIRT.GENERATEHTML: java.lang.Exception: Object rep or Class rep in statement "rep.generateHTML" was not found

This message is generated at runtime if a constructor for the BIRT component has its Correct flag disabled. Failed to initialize emitter.

This message is displayed if the BIRT component is working correctly, but but you have provided an incorrect path to the BIRT report definition file.