How to Generate an E/R diagram for a Business Object

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To generate an E/R diagram for a Business Area:

1.In USoft Definer, make sure the Catalog on the left is in view. Choose View, Catalog to bring it into view.
2.Click on the Teamwork tab and expand nodes until you see the Business Object that you want to generate an E/R diagram for.
3.On the catalog node for that Business Object, right-mouse-click and choose "Generate Diagram".
When the diagram is generated, an information message gives you the file location where the diagram information is stored.
If you are using URequire, you can now open, view and manage the diagram by importing it onto an empty diagram canvas.
If you are not using URequire, choose "Generate Diagram and Browse" in Step 3. The diagram is opened in your default browser. For this to work, Google Chrome or Opera must be the default browser and an internet connection must be available.


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