Upgrading to USoft 9

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To upgrade to USoft 9, first upgrade to USoft 8. Then, upgrade to USoft 9 as a separate action.

You can upgrade to USoft 8 in a single procedure if your application uses USoft 7.0 or 7.1. For help with this, go to "Upgrading USoft Products" in the USoft 8 product documentation, which is publicly available on developer.usoft.com.

The Upgrade Guide you are reading now takes you through the steps of upgrading from USoft 8 to USoft 9.

Overview of steps

Here are the steps required to bring an application from USoft 8 to USoft 9:

1.Make a backup of your USoft 8 repository, using RDBMS vendor utilities. Refer to your RDBMS documentation for details of how to do this.
2.Create violation reports for this repository, using USoft BenchMark (in USoft 8). If violations are found, correct these.
3.Install USoft 9.
4.Make an action list of special actions you must take in your specific situation. Use the checklist in this Upgrade Guide. Perform these actions now, or after Step 5, as appropriate.
5.Start the automated upgrade procedure and run the Upgrade and Clean Up Wizards. Note that the automated upgrade procedure may take some time to complete.
6.Create violation reports for the upgraded repository, using USoft BenchMark (in USoft 9). If violations are found, correct these.
7.Start the automated Clean up after upgrade procedure.
8.Test the result of the upgrade.


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