Introducing USoft Batch

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With USoft Batch, you can develop a Batch Server for use in USoft solutions. Such a Batch Server delivers job-oriented or procedural routines.

These routines may be executed away from USoft user interfaces, for example overnight; this is the traditional way of running batch jobs. But batch jobs that do not take too long may also be run interactively. In this case, a human user uses a USoft interface, or non-USoft software that connects to USoft via an API, to start the job, waits for it to finish, and then proceeds to act on the result. Or you can start an individual job by using a Batch Runner item from USoft Binder. You can even get the Rules Engine to start a job (from a constraint, by running the BatchRunner RDMI component).

USoft solutions have the distinctive feature of systematically interposing a Rules Engine between interfaces and business data. This applies also to USoft Batch: it interacts with a Rules Engine, never with the database directly. All rules are always implemented, regardless of whether requests are issued by the Batch Server or more directly through a user application interface.

USoft Batch is a module of the USoft Definer IDE (= Integrated Development Environment). The Rules Engine is developed in another module of this IDE, namely, USoft Model and Rules.