Introducing the USoft Approach

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The USoft Approach is a methodical approach to manufacturing business systems that:

are reliable and robust.

have an optimal fit within the business context they operate in.

have an exceptionally high level of data quality and maintainability.


Work phases and subphases in the USoft Approach

The USoft Approach has been developed for teams who use the USoft toolset as a core enabling technology. But equally, the USoft toolset has been designed to facilitate the USoft Approach.

The USoft Approach is not just a handbook for development teams. It is also an explanatory framework for understanding USoft's own design choices reflected in the USoft toolset.

The USoft Approach consists of the following concepts. They are are small in number and relatively easy to memorise:

4 Principles of Delivery.

3 Phases of work, each containing 3 subphases, resulting in a structure of 9 subphases.

For the DEFINE phase, 3 task types: SPECIFY, IMPLEMENT and TEST.


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Advantages of the USoft Approach

Principles of the USoft Approach

Phases and subphases in the USoft Approach


Balancing work between phases

The PLAN Phase

The DEFINE Phase