Authorising users to change their password

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If you want to allow users to change their own password, they must have the right to read and update records in a number of Authorizer tables. To permit this, you must create a special user group for the Authorizer application that contains those users.

To authorize users to change their own password:

1.In the USoft Authorizer, choose User Groups from the Define menu. In the User Groups window, add a new user group (e.g. AUTH_PWD) for the USAUTH application. This new user group must have the same Menu Page and Deployment configuration settings as the USAUTH user group.
2.On the Members tab page, add the members of this user group.
3.Click the Authorize Button. A wizard will appear to help you specify the authorization for this group.

Set USAUTH as the Application

Set AUTH_PWD as the User Group

Set Select for the Access Rights.

The users of this user group are now allowed to query the tables of the Authorizer.

4.On the Table Rights tab page, add one right on the T_AUTH_USER table, that has 'Update' Right with Privilege Scope = Foreground and Background.
5.From the Define Menu of the Authorizer, choose Conditions. The Restricting Conditions window appears. Add a new record with the following condition text:



6.Commit. An identifier for the condition is automatically added.
7.In the Table Rights tab page of the User Groups window, add this identifier to the Condition ID columns (both foreground and background) of your new table Right, and commit.
8.In the Restricting Conditions window, click the Check button. The Correct check box should now automatically be checked.
9.Click the Update button in your new User Group. Check the From Conceptual File check box and fill in the path to the USAUTH.con file.

The users in this user group now have the right to read the Authorizer table, and to update their own password.


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