User groups

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In a given application, a user group is a group of users that, from the point of view of data access, require the same access rights.

This implies that in business processes, these users have the same task or tasks to complete.

For example, FRONT_OFFICE could be one user group in a given application, SALES could be another, and DELIVERY could be a third.

To define a new user group in USoft Authorizer:

1.In the Catalog, expand the Applications node.
2.Double-click the Application for which you want to define a new user group.
The Applications window appears for this application.
3.In the User Groups area in the middle area of the window, add a record for the new user group.
4.If required, in the bottom area of the window, define the fact that one or more Application Users are in the new User Group.


Alternatively, you can add a new user group by choosing Define, User Groups from the menu.


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