Deployment configurations

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A deployment configuration is a set of parameter settings that influences the runtime behavior of the USoft Rules Engine.

USoft currently uses only a single deployment configuration called 'LAN'. You cannot change this name and you cannot create other deployment configurations of your own.

The 'LAN' deployment configuration is automatically associated with all the usergroups of your application. This means that the 'LAN' settings apply to all the users of your application. It is because of this relationship with usergroups that deployment configurations are set in the USoft Authorizer tool (as opposed to the USoft Definer tool).

The 'LAN' deployment configuration has settings for 3 different deployment configuration contexts. A setting applies only for users who run the application in the applicable context.

IMPORTANT: You can influence a number of other aspects of Rules Engine behaviour by setting Rules Engine parameters. For details, see the Rules Engine Guide, which is accessed for example from USoft Definer (press CTRL + F1 in USoft Definer).


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