Introducing USoft Delivery Manager

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When you develop rules-based applications in the USoft platform, you don't just use a single computer. The need naturally arises to have different environments for different purposes: development, test, acceptance, production, laboratory, demo, training, separate locations for modular development...

With this need also comes the need for easy transfer of deliverables and application data between machines for these various purposes. Delivery Manager is the component of the USoft platform that helps you automate these tasks.

Roughly, USoft Delivery Manager is able to act as a release manager and as a repository manager. It is not a backup-and-recovery tool for administrators.

Many of USoft Delivery Manager's functions may be compared to those of a version management tool as used by developers of object-oriented code, such as .git. One difference is that USoft Delivery Manager is expert in handling repositories stored in an RDBMS. This is important because, unlike applications in many other coding environments, the larger part of every USoft application is located in database records and not on the file system. Another difference is that USoft Delivery Manager automates many of the USoft-specific routines that you carry out regularly when working with the USoft tool set, for example, create-tables, synchronise-module, publish-application (Web Designer), publish-server (Service Definer).


collapseUSoft Delivery Manager as a release manager
collapseUSoft Delivery Manager as a repository manager


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