Release properties

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Each release in Delivery Manager has a set of release properties. To view properties of the current, select Release, Current Release from the menu.

Some release properties may be changed at all times.

Others may be changed only at the time when you create a new release, or only when you (re-)initialise the release tree.

Most properties of the current release are automatically copied to the new release when you perform the Create New Release routine.

The release properties are:


collapseRelease frame ID
collapseRoot folder
collapseRelease version
collapsePrevious release version
collapseRelease folder
collapseLast used
collapseCurrent Y/N
collapseInitial Y/N
collapsePacking slip
collapseInclude packing slip Y/N
collapsePut current registry Y/N
collapseInclude attachments Y/N
collapseCopy deliverables to next release Y/N
collapseFiles blocked
collapseFolders blocked