Step 1: Download and Install BIRT Software

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To download and install Eclipse BIRT software on your system:

1.Download the ZIP file for the Eclipse BIRT RCP Report Designer (, 68MB) from:
2.Extract the contents of the ZIP file to a suitable location e.g. c:\birt_372.
3.Download the ZIP file for the  Eclipse BIRT Runtime environment (, 104MB) from:
4.Extract the contents of this ZIP file to the location used for the Report Designer e.g. c:\birt_372\. A runtime folder will automatically be added to this location.

You can start now start the BIRT Report Designer by executing c:\birt_372\birt.exe. Refer to the Eclipse BIRT Report Developer Guide supplied as online documentation with the Report Designer for a description of the BIRT system, and for details of how to use it.

Continue with Step 2: Create a BIRT report definition file.