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This action is supported for backward compatibility only. To refer to an object within the current window, call a action of that object instead of using ac-rel(). To refer to an object outside the current window, collect the information you want to refer to in a user-defined property on startup of the current window, and then refer to that property.

Performs an action on a control other than the current one. The control is specified by a path.

Ac-rel() has the same purpose as action-other-control(), but with ac-rel(), parameters containing column identifiers or paths are resolved in relation to the calling object. With action-other-control(), they are resolved in relation to the target object.


ac-rel( path, action, parameters )


The required path identifies the control that the action should be applied to. The required action identifies the action you want to perform.

Parameters are input parameters expected by action (if any). Multiple parameters are separated by commas.


ac-rel(*tableShell, control-set-values, title, text)


ac-rel(<-*, convert-alternative-format, DDMMYY,MMDDYY,DDMM,MONDD)