BenchMark Properties

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A BenchMark item given you access to USoft BenchMark. However, mostly, USoft BenchMark is started in the context of another application accessed by using a non-Benchmark Binder item, typically, a User Application item. If you access USoft BenchMark via a BenchMark item, you access the USoft Benchmark product as a stand-alone application.

In practice, the most important reason to create a USoft Benchmark item is to be able to create USoft Benchmark tables from it. This is done by by right-clicking on the item and choosing Create Tables from the context menu. The Create Tables dialog will appear.

USoft BenchMark is a test development tool that allows you to fully automate your test procedures without sacrificing flexibility. It is closely integrated with the USoft server/client repository.

A BenchMark item in USoft Binder has the following properties:


This is the name of the BenchMark item as it will be displayed in the main window of the USoft Binder file. You can use binder variables in this name.

Show Logo

Check this box if you wish to have the USoft (or your own) logo displayed when the item is started.


This is where you can list any additional startup options you wish to be associated with the USoft Developer (USD.EXE) executable for this item.