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Opens an info box, lookup window, related window, secondary window or dialog of a specified class.

This action is generated for you when you drag-and-drop a window class from a Task Modeler catalog onto the Script box in the Object Activator.


windowparameter(s) ).Window.Create()


The required window is the name of the window class that you want to open an instance of. If you dragged this class from the catalog onto the Script box in the Object Activator, window is generated automatically.

Parameter(s) are arguments corresponding to user-defined properties of window. For each user-defined property of window that has an Argument Position, the Object Activator will display a ? placeholder together with a subnode in the Script tree. This makes it easy for you to specify value(s) to be passed as parameter(s).

If you do not have parameters to pass, WindowCreate() provides an alternative syntax.

On a dialog, you cannot use the Create() action to call a related or lookup window. Instead, to call a lookup window from a dialog, use the Related Column property of a Text Box object.




Search_Results(Variables.esd_date_1(), Variables.esd_number_1()).Window.Create()


SearchDialog( Self(), query.destination(), query.family_name() ) Window.Create()


The following is the equivalent of the first example:

WindowCreate( Customers )



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