Definer Properties

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A Definer item given you access to USoft Definer.

USoft Definer is the core component of any USoft development environment. It is a tool for defining an application's data model, rules, and batch routines.

Typically, each USoft Binder file that is used at design-time (and has Project Type = Development) has exactly 1 Definer item at all times.

You can create USoft Definer tables from a Definer item in USoft Binder by right-clicking on the item and choosing Create Tables from the context menu. The Create Tables dialog will appear.

A Definer item has the following properties:


This is the name of the Definer item as it will be displayed in the main window of the USoft Binder file. You can use binder variables in this name.

Run USoft Benchmark

Check this box if you want to start the item with the USoft BenchMark toolbox enabled.

Show Logo

Check this box if you wish to have the USoft (or your own) logo displayed when the item is started.


This is where you can list any additional startup options for the USoft Developer platform that you wish to be associated with the USoft Developer (USD.EXE) executable for this item.