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In a USoft application window, domain checks are performed when the user has entered a field value and leaves the field.

If a record is manipulated in the SQL Command dialog, or in a non-USoft application that connects to the USoft Rules Engine via ODBC, domain checks are performed at record validation time.

Domain checks are:

The value must correspond to the data type.

The value must not exceed the maximum column width. If the length of a string value exceeds the maximum column width, the value is truncated to the maximum column width.

Must the value be uppercase?

The value must be within the range of the minimum and maximum value. (not for DATE fields)

For NUMBER values, the number of decimals must be correct.

For NUMBER values, the number of digits before the period must be correct.

The value must match the IO Format.

Must the value have a fixed length?

Are there any allowed values defined?