DotNet (.NET) components

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With the popular DotNet (.NET) common language runtime (CLR), a vast amount of functionality has become available in the form of components in standard libraries and code stub on the internet in an easy to use form. This functionality is available in USoft using the RDMI interface for Microsoft's .NET, and the C Sharp (C#) programming language.

The C# programming language for Microsoft .NET is well documented and widely used. For more information, refer to

There are 2 ways in which an RDMI dotNet component can be defined:

Starting from the RDMI interface. In this case USoft automatically generates C# stub if there is no code defined and compiles it.

Starting from the C# code. In this case USoft automatically compiles the code for you. You can choose for USoft to generate an RDMI interface, or just to check the existing parameters.


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