Example: Simple XML query

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Here is an example of a simple XML query. This XML query executes the query stored in the xml_query column of the XML_QUERIES table. The SELECT statement may retrieve zero or more records with an XML query document to be executed:

SELECT    xml_query XmlDocument

For example, suppose a record in the XML_QUERIES table contains this xml_query:

    <Table Name="PERSON">
        <Column Name="FAMILY_NAME" Condition="Jo%"/>

For this xml_query, the XML query method queries the corresponding PERSON records, and generates XML output that contains the query results. The records are in no specific order:

    <PERSON ID="377" FAMILY_NAME="Jones" FIRST_NAME="Bill"/>
    <PERSON ID="312" FAMILY_NAME="Johnson" FIRST_NAME="Ann"/>

This is equivalent to:

FROM      person
WHERE     family_name LIKE 'Jo%'