Executing a Job from within a USoft C/S Application

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To execute a job from within a USoft client/server (Windows) application, call the ActionStartJob() action. This action may be called from GUI elements such as menu pages, dialog boxes, buttons, and generally from SQL scripts such as defined in USoft Definer decisions.


,      parameter=value, ...
,      mode
mode  :=  { -quiet | }

The required job is the name of the USoft Batch job to be run.

Each of the parameter=value pairs passes a value to a named element in the External Set that is the Input Parameter Set of job.

If -quiet is passed as mode, the job will execute without displaying any information messages or prompts. Error messages are always displayed: they are not affected by mode. If a log file has been specified, all the usual information is logged, irrespective of whether -quiet has been set for mode.