How to import internal interfaces

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To import internal interfaces:

1.Open the Definer in which you want to import internal interfaces.
2.If you haven't defined any module for the provider module, define a Module that identifies the provider module:

From the Definer menu, select Tools, Manage Internal Interfaces, Modules.

Specify a Module Name, and optionally a description. The Module Name must be the same as the generated flat files of the provider application.

Save your changes.

3.From the Definer menu, select Tools, Manage Internal Interfaces, Consumed Interfaces.
4.On the Synchronization tab page, in the Module Name field, specify the module to be imported.
5.In the "File to be used..." field, specify the .CON flat file for the provider application.
If you do not provide an an absolute path, the Definer will look into the 'app' folder of the USoft installation folder.
You are also allowed to use environment variables in this field, for example:



6.Read the Dialog text carefully. If you are sure you want to go ahead, click the Synchronize Internal Interfaces button.
7.Perform necessary actions to deal with Incorrect Interfaces, if any.