Manipulating records in spreadsheet Look

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When data is displayed in spreadsheet look, you can select a whole record by clicking the appropriate button in the left-hand margin. The selected record will then be highlighted.

To select multiple records:

Hold down SHIFT, or CTRL while clicking the buttons in front of the appropriate records.

The SHIFT key allows you to select a range of records. That is, when you click the button in front of the first and the last record while holding down the SHIFT key, you also select all records in between.

The CTRL key allows you to select individual records, for example the second, fifth, and tenth record.

To select ALL records:

Click on the button in the upper left-hand corner of the spreadsheet.

To copy selected records to the clipboard:

1.Select the appropriate records in the manner described above.
2.From the menu bar, choose Box, Copy Data.

USoft Developer will now only copy the selected records.