Modular Development

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This section contains some important notes if you use Windows Designer on an application that consists of more than one module.

Before you can use Windows Designer, for each module you need to create a conceptual (CON) schema file. You can create the flat file from the Definer.

In a Windows Designer session, you design ONE module within ONE application at a time. The name of the module is specified in the Project Properties dialog of the Binder, in the Module field:


The name of the application is specified on the Properties sheet of the Windows Designer Binder item, in the App. Name field:


The two pictures presented here show a USD90_TRAVEL environment where you design the Bookings module within the USD90_TRAVEL application.


In this case, the Bookings module is read from database, and all other modules are read from flat files. In Windows Designer, the Bookings module is designed.

Interface tables (that are provided by another module than you are currently working on) can be painted in Windows Designer just like other info windows.

An info window that is opened from the Object List (in the end user application) is the info window as it is designed and painted in the provider module.

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