Modular Development - Modular Development

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If you have developed one large USoft application, you may incidentally run into problems with managing and delivering new projects. Because of the dependencies between projects, small projects may have to wait for larger projects. Therefore, new versions can only be released once or twice a year.

As a solution, you may serialize these projects and assign time frames, with the disadvantage that if one of the projects does not deliver in time, all following projects have to wait.

Splitting up your application into two or more modules can make your development more flexible. It has many advantages:

You can create independent releases for the modules.

Faster delivery of smaller projects.

New teams only need to build up knowledge of one (small) module.

This is exactly where modular development and internal interfaces come in. USoft applications can then be developed as separate modules and run as one application. It allows developing independent modules. The end user application allows for enterprise rules and an integrated GUI.

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