Option Buttons display type

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The Option buttons display type produces a group of 2-3 individually labelled buttons, for example:


The options presented are mutually exclusive. Exactly 1 option is active (checked, selected) at any one time. If the end user clicks a different option, the previously selected option is automatically unselected.

To create a group of option buttons:

Create a domain with Display Type = Option Buttons.

Define the allowed values for the domain (Allowed Values tab).

Define the Default Value for the domain.

Create columns based on the domain.

Here are some tips:

Use option buttons if the end user has 2 or 3 options. For details on when to use check boxes instead, see the Check Boxes help topic. If there are 4 options or more, prefer a Dropdown List Box or a lookup window.

Make one option button the default.

Do not allow NULL values. The best design for columns based on the domain is to have Mandatory = Yes.

For each option, consider setting Value and Prompt to the same string value. This keeps you from constantly having to look up the Value-Prompt mapping during development.


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