Switching between end user messages and developer messages

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End users of USoft applications and developers typically have different requirements regarding the technical detail in messages. USoft developers generally want technical information, and end-users generally do NOT want this type of information.

To get non-technical end-user messages, start the Application with Startup (Command Line) option:



If problems need to be reported to developers or system managers, and a report containing detailed technical messages is required, these messages can be accessed using the Message History option from the application's Help menu. Detailed technical messages are always available at this location, whether or not the -endusermsgs option has been specified.

Log files generated for batch jobs that are started from within an application using the ActionStartJob(), or batchrunner.runjob() methods, for example, will always contain detailed technical messages, whether or not the -endusermsgs option was specified when the application was started.

End user messages can also be defined for the Rules Service. Web applications will use the Rules Service settings. Log files generated by the Rules Service do not contain end-user messages, they always contain detailed messages.


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