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The BatchRunner.StartJob() method was deprecated in USoft 8 and is supported only for backward compatibility.

Consider using the job's job method instead. Otherwise, use BatchRunner.RunJob().

The StartJob method cannot be called from a constraint.


To start the EXPORT_TOURS batch job with job input parameters DESTINATION and YEAR, execute the following statement:

INVOKE BatchRunner.StartJob WITH
       'EXPORT_TOURS'          JobName
,      'YEAR=2003'             JobParameter

The job parameters must be named. The JobName parameter is required. Using JobParameter items, you can pass parameters to the job.

You can pass:

      '-quiet'             JobParameter

to run the job without displaying any information messages or prompts. Error messages are still displayed. If a log file has been specified, all the usual information is logged, irrespective of whether or not -quiet has been specified.

BatchRunner.StartJob() returns 0 if successful.