Web service example 7: Define a web service provider method

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To define a document-oriented method that retrieves multiple Tour details in XML export format:

1.In the Web Service Provider window, query the TRAVELSERVICE web service provider that you defined in Example 1.
2.In the Methods tab page, define a GetMultipleTours method, set the Operation Style to: Document-oriented, and set the Method Call to: Synchronous.
3.Define SQL statement:



FROM    tour


4.Click the Check button, and in the Question dialog, click Yes.
One output parameter, by default XMLDOCUMENT, is generated.
5.From the Definer menu, select: Define, Web Services Provider, Namespaces. Define a Namespace:
Namespace Alias: Tours
Namespace: urn:Tour
Location: http://<web server>/TravelService/MyTours.xsd
6.Define a MyTours.xsd XML schema file that describes the structure of the returning XML document. This XML schema file is described in: Web Service Example 7: XML Schema Definition for Tours (Refer to See also topics).
7.For the GetMultipleTours method of the TRAVELSERVICE web service provider, change some attributes of the output parameter:
Change the parameter name to: Tours.
Change the Namespace Alias to: Tours.
Click the XML Data Type button and select the Tours record.
8.Save your changes.
9.Click the Create Web Service button.
The web server publication folder now contains an up-to-date TRAVELSERVICE.ashx and web.config files.
10.Click the Create WSDL File button.
The web server publication folder now contains an up-to-date TRAVELSERVICE.wsdl file.
11.Restart the Rules Service for the TRAVEL application that you configured in Example 1.


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