Data types

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USoft Definer has knowledge of the principal data types used by databases and database drivers.

A data type specifies what kind of data a column must be equipped to store:

Text (of various types);

Numbers, for example, integers, or amounts of money;

Calendar dates, or times of day, or a combination of these;

Relatively large and unstructured data such as images, videos or documents.

In a USoft application, you express that data in a given column is of a specific data type. You do this by having a Domain use the Data Type, and then making sure the Column is based on that Domain.

Viewing data types

To view data types:

1.In USoft Definer, choose Define, Domains from the menu.
2.In the Domains window, click the lookup button immediately to the right of the Data Type field.
The Data Types for Domains window opens. You can see data types listed on the left. On the right is information about RDBMSs and database drivers where the data type is known.
NOTE: Another application of Data Types in USoft Definer is that they help specify the type of data represented by External Set Elements. See the USoft Batch Guide for more details.


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