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The UpdateSupertypeOnInsert Rules Engine property can be used to override the Update_Supertype_On_Ins deployment parameter setting for the current deployment context and for the duration of the current session.

You can set deployment parameters in USoft Authorizer for 3 different deployment contexts: Client/Server, RunBatch, and Rules Service. See the Authorizer Guide. One way to access the Authorizer Guide is to press CTRL + F1 in USoft Authorizer.

This setting determines whether or not inserting a subtype for an existing supertype must be considered as an UPDATE on the whole constellation.

Setting this property

You can reset this property by executing:

SELECT RulesEngine.SetProperty( 'UpdateSupertypeOnInsert', 'value' )


value  ::=  { Yes | No }

This entire statement is case-insensitive, including the property name and the values of value. 'No' is the USoft factory default, meaning that the Update_Supertype_On_Ins deployment parameter is set to 'False' by default.

Getting this property

You can get the current value of this property by executing:

SELECT RulesEngine.GetProperty( 'UpdateSupertypeOnInsert' )

This entire statement is case-insensitive, including the property name.


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