Options for granting or revoking database grants

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USoft Authorizer offers four options to grant or revoke access rights. Choose the Tools menu to find these options.



Update Application Rights

Updates the rights of all user groups that have access to the application.

Update User Group Rights

Updates all rights that a specified user group has for the application.

Update User Rights

Updates all rights that a specified user has for the application.

Revoke All Table Rights

Revokes all rights for a given application, for one or all users.

When you run one of these options, only users with Account Type = RDBMS or Funnel are included in the GRANT statements. Funneling accounts are NOT included.

Removing a user from a user group without assigning them to another user group, and then updating the application/user group rights, is not sufficient to revoke the right of the user as defined in the database server. You must explicitly generate and execute "hand over the (RDBMS) key" statements to revoke the rights in the database server, otherwise it would still be possible to bypass the Authorizer using RDBMS vendor middleware. Use the Revoke All Table Rights option to revoke a user's rights in the database server.


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