Defining a REST service

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This help topic tells you how to define a REST service that is NOT predefined, that is, a REST service that you either generate yourself from SQL or that you program yourself as a custom REST service.

By default, non-predefined REST services are based on the "USoft REST Default Provider" functional type that USoft ships with the Service Definer product. Alternatively, you may want to use a different USoft default provider, or you may prefer to create a functional type of your own.

If you use the "USoft REST Default Provider" functional type, you can use the "Generate from SQL" utility to have a first working version of the target code generated by USoft. For an example of this, go to " Example: a REST service for retrieving data ".



collapseDefining a REST service of a non-predefined type
collapseAssociating your REST service with a server
collapseAssociating the custom REST service with a connection
collapse(Re)publishing the custom REST service at the server
collapseSetting up a test app in POSTMAN:



You are now ready to define one or more methods for your custom REST service.

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