Deriving structures from SQL statements or tables

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You can derive a structure from an existing SQL statement (defined in USoft Service Definer) or from an existing table definition (defined in USoft Definer).

This is useful when you want to create a method implementation programmatically (ie., by manual coding in Java) and you need a definition of the field names and datatypes of the return data structure.

IMPORTANT: When you generate a method implementation from a SQL statement, USoft Service Definer will create the entire method implementation including a structure derived from the statement. If you work in this way, you do NOT need to derive a structure as a separate action.

Deriving a structure from a statement or table definition

1.Choose Tools, Derive Structure from the menu.
2.In the Derive Structure dialog, specify the Return Structure Name that you want for the structure.
3.If you want to derive the structure from a SQL statement, select 'Derive Structure from SQL Statement' and specify an existing SQL statement name. You can use the lookup button to select such a name from a list.
4.If you want to derive the structure from a table definition, select 'Derive Structure from Table', specify the application that the table is part of (you can use the lookup button to select an existing application name), and type the table name.
5.Click OK.
The structure is now derived. You can find it under Structures in the Catalog on the left-hand side, or by retrieving it in the Structures window or tab (choose Define, Structures from the menu).



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